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Wages, Overtime and Commissions

Massachusetts law promotes the proper payment of employees, and it imposes stiff penalties on employers who fail to follow those laws. In fact, if an employee is required to sue his or her employer for failure to pay wages and the employee wins, he or she may be able to collect three times the amount due plus attorney’s fees.

Many employees who work in a non-supervisory position, even if they are paid a salary, are considered “non-exempt” employees. Massachusetts employers are required to pay “non-exempt” employees time and one-half their regular base pay for all hours worked in excess of 40 hours in a 7-day workweek. In addition, employers may not require employees to beginning working before they “punch-in” or after they “punch-out” and they cannot require or permit employees to work through their lunch break without pay. In addition, employees who work on commission may have a claim for unpaid wages if their employer fails to pay those commissions in accordance with their commission plan.

Finally, if you complain to your employer about your pay or commissions and your employer retaliates against you by, for example, terminating your employment, you may also have a claim against your employer.

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