Miller Employment Law Group

Executive Advocacy / Employment Contracts

We represent senior executives in all aspects of their employment relationships. We negotiate and draft executive employment agreements, provide advice on compensation and equity packages, and help executives maximize the provisions of their employment agreements and avoid pitfalls sometimes contained in those employment agreements.

If you are employed and have a written employment contract, we can advise you on the terms of your agreement and assist you with strategy throughout your employment. If your employment agreement allows you to terminate your employment with Good Reason, we can help you understand the Good Reason provision of your contract and help strategize the timing of a termination for Good Reason. We can also help you understand the non-compete or non-solicitation provisions in your employment contract as you plan your next career move. If your company is facing a Change in Control, we can advise you on strategies associated with such changes.

Finally, if you are leaving your current employer, we can advise you on whether you may have any legal claims against your employer, and we can review, negotiate and draft an appropriate severance agreement.

If you are an executive and need legal services associated with your employment, please contact us: