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Nearly everyone loses a job at some point during their career, whether due to an economic downturn, a change in their employer’s needs or just the wrong fit. While in certain cases, you may have a claim against your employer, in others, you may simply need an attorney to advocate on your behalf and get you a severance package that supports you during your employment transition. Severance agreements can be complicated legal documents; having someone to explain their terms and advocate on your behalf is crucial at this important time in your career.

At Miller Employment Law, we can review and explain your severance agreement, and we can discuss whether it makes sense to try to negotiate a better package. If you have been terminated and not given severance, we can explore whether it makes sense for us to contact your employer on your behalf and request severance. While by and large, employers are not required to provide you with any severance at all, we have helped employees secure severance benefits at a time when they are most needed.

If you have questions about severance benefits and agreements, please contact us: